Instant Gil & FFXIV Info. FAQ

Do you deliver on my platform?

Yes! Final Fantasy 14 is a cross-platform game, which means regardless of whether you're a PC or Console player, we can deliver your FFXIV Gil without any issues.

The only limitation currently, is that Instant Gil only offers service for the NA and EU servers within the following Data Centers: Aether, Crystal, Dynamis, Primal, Chaos, and Light.

What makes Instant Gil different?

Instant Gil's FFXIV Gil Selling Services are really different from competitors for the following reasons:

While we cannot disclose all measures taken on our end to ensure safe delivery, here are some that have contributed to our 0% Ban Rate over 4 years.

High Quality Gil: The Gil for sale on Instant Gil is 100% unbotted. Botted Gil leaves a trace of bad Gil and connects recipients with botting-related bans. We don't use botted Gil. Our Gil is hand-farmed.

Real Accounts: Most competitors will trade you on a level 1-3 account with a random name. Not only is this obviously a sore eye for anyone around you in a face-to-face trade, but it's clearly a flag for an RMT transaction. Instant Gil does not use lv1-3 accounts with random names.

Our trading accounts also have a 0% ban rate as we use leveled up, glammed, realistic named accounts. This investment passes on the safety of buying FFXIV Gil to you, the customer - this is something we pride ourselves on and would never make an exception for.

Delivery Speed: Who wants to wait hours and get no response from a random seller or website until it's convenient for them to deliver?

At Instant Gil, when you buy our FFXIV Gil, a customer service agent is immediately available to answer any questions and hop in-game to deliver your order 24/7 365 days of the year.

Ban-Free Guarantee: Instant Gil is the only site that offers a Ban-Free guarantee - and there's a good reason for that. Other sites or sellers are not only shady, they make all sorts of claims about their "safety" but aren't willing to guarantee any particular result or put their money where their mouth is.

At Instant Gil, when you buy our Gil we stand by our word - if anything happens to your account we will fully refund you 100% of ALL purchases made if you can show us it was an RMT-related suspension.

You can rest assured, your FFXIV Gil purchase from Instant Gil will be handled with utmost care and delivered with the highest quality.

How is delivery conducted?

Delivery is conducted via Face-to-Face trade. When you purchase FFXIV Gil from Instant Gil, a customer service representative will guide you on where to be in order to receive your order. Please contact customer service via Live Chat or our Discord in order to receive your order.

Note: We do not offer marketplace delivery orders. Marketplace purchases leave a public record of the transaction for the sale of an item that is at an unrealistic and clearly fake price, and also incurs fees. This method is neither safer nor cost-effective.

Are there any trade limits/why am I only being traded 1M?

When you buy FFXIV Gil from Instant Gil, we hop on immediately to trade your Gil. However, the game only allows trades up to 1 million (1,000,000) Gil, so your order will be delivered by repeated trades.

When can you deliver/what are your business hours?

Instant Gil sells FFXIV Gil 24/7, 365 days a year. There is no need to ask if we are around - we always are! But feel free to chat with us via Live Chat, Discord, or email at

What does the Ban-Free Guarantee comprise of?

The Ban-Free Guarantee is Instant Gil's promise to you that you will be refunded on ALL transactions placed with Instant Gil with your specified FFXIV account.

We have never had a customer report a ban in years of sales experience, so we don't foresee this happening. Nonetheless, just to put your mind at ease - if anything should happen, we will certainly make it right.

The FFXIV Gil for sale at Instant Gil is of the highest quality and safety, you can purchase without worry.

How do I purchase the FFXIV Gil for sale?

There are 3 simple steps:

1) Choose the Quantity, your Data Center, input your in-game name and world.

2) Checkout.

3) Contact our Customer Service team via Live Chat or Discord and we will arrange a meeting location promptly.

Can I buy on a free trial account & are there limitations?

Yes and no. While Gil is permitted to trade and possess on a free trial account, there is a limitation of 300,000 Gil. Therefore, our minimum purchase amounts cannot be delivered to you on a free trial account.

If you wish to use our services, please pay for a subscription before ordering.

Can I buy as much as I want?

You are free to buy as much as you want, however, our designated quantities are chosen for safe Gil transfers in any given time.

That is to say, we don't recommend purchasing over our maximum displayed amount option within a short period of time.

What is your refund/return policy?

Our refund/return policy can be found here, but it is very simple - we don't offer refunds after successful delivery.

If you want to cancel an order, please let our customer service team know and we will process a full refund, without any fees or loss, any time.

How can we contact customer service?

Customer service is available 24/7 via Live Chat, Discord, or e-mail at

What's the history of Final Fantasy 14?

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is an MMORPG created and published by Square Enix, overseen by Naoki Yoshida. It debuted globally in August 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Windows platforms, taking over from the unsuccessful 2010 version. Later, it expanded to PlayStation 4, macOS, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The game unfolds in the fantastical realm of Eorzea, five years post the catastrophic Seventh Umbral Calamity that brought down the original version. During this Calamity, the powerful primal Bahamut broke free from Dalamud, an ancient space structure, causing widespread devastation. The protagonist from the original version escapes via temporal magic, reappearing at the beginning of A Realm Reborn. Now, as Eorzea rebuilds, players must defend against renewed aggression from the Garlean Empire.

The initial Final Fantasy XIV launch faced commercial and critical disappointment. Subsequently, Square Enix, under then-President Yoichi Wada, entrusted Yoshida's team to rectify the game's shortcomings. This led to ongoing enhancements for the original version and the covert development of a completely revamped successor, dubbed "Final Fantasy XIV". This new iteration featured a fresh engine, enhanced server setup, and revamped gameplay, interface, and narrative. The original version ceased operations in November 2012, paving the way for an alpha test of Final Fantasy 14.

The reimagined game received positive feedback upon release, lauded for its refined mechanics, engaging progression, and Yoshida's remarkable turnaround. Square Enix credited the game's success for contributing to its return to profitability in 2014 after a challenging fiscal year in 2013. As of October 2021, the game boasted over 24 million registered players and emerged as the most financially successful installment in the Final Fantasy series. Continuous updates have enriched the experience, with four major expansions already launched: Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017), Shadowbringers (2019), and Endwalker (2021). The upcoming fifth expansion, Dawntrail, is slated for release in July 2024.

What is Final Fantasy XIV Gil?

FFXIV Gil is an acronym for Final Fantasy XIV Gil and is also known as FF14 Gil or FF14 Currency/Gold. It serves as the primary currency within Final Fantasy XIV and is the sole type of currency that players can trade or send to other players.

In-game, FF14 Gil is essential for purchasing various items such as potions, elixirs, weapons, and armor, enabling players to fully immerse themselves in the game world. There are several ways for players to acquire Gil, including completing quests, guildleves, dungeons, duty roulettes, providing crafting services, and selling items to NPCs or on the Market Board.

Accumulating a substantial amount of Final Fantasy XIV Gil is crucial for accessing diverse content and progressing to the endgame. Instead of spending time farming Gil independently, players can opt for a reputable source like Instant Gil to efficiently deliver their FFXIV Gil without hassle.

As is common in most Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), obtaining in-game currency can be challenging, and the amounts acquired may not always meet players' needs. FFXIV Gil farming can be particularly demanding, and the time investment required may feel tedious. Instant Gil offers a solution by providing a variety of Gil across different servers, alleviating players from the tedium of extensive farming. For inquiries, players can reach out via Discord, Live Chat, or email at